Microsoft boss becomes top chef

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Microsoft boss becomes top chef

Creating a $625 cookbook
Microsoft's former chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold seems to be make a bit of a splash away from his computer.

Having become a renown culinary expert, and he has a much-anticipated cookbook due to debut soon. The title "Modernist Cuisine," which will be sold in six volumes, is suffering the sorts of delays that Myhrvold would have expected from his last place of employment.

The books have been delayed until March while it is proofread and packaged. He said that proofreading becomes a bit more time consuming when you're editing 2,400 pages that retail for $625. A bit like QA on software we guess.
Myhrvold has earned a name for himself as culinary scientist of sorts.

He combines science experiments with cooking in his Bellevue lab. Writing on his blog, Myhrvold wrote that the delay means that he will miss the 2010 holiday season, which is a traditional time to give gifts. Myhrvold quit Microsoft in 1999 to start Intellectual Ventures. He has Ph.D.s in mathematical economics and theoretical physics from Princeton , and his postdoctorate work included studying quantum theories of gravity with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge.