Tegra 2 tablet developers also late due bad Windows 7

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Tegra 2 tablet developers also late due bad Windows 7

Poor performance

A year ago, Jensen has held first Tegra 2 powered tablet high in the air, and everyone has expected to see them shipping very shortly. Q1 came, and CES and later in the Q1 2010 CEBIT, a few Taiwanese companies showed prototypes some on Windows 7 and we expected to see them shipping by late Q2 2010, or Computex time how we like to call it.

Computex happens in June 2010 and not a single company launches a Tablet especially not the one based on Tablet edition of Windows 7. At this time most Tegra 2 powered devices simply moved to Android 1.6, than later to Android 2.2 and again Tablets don’t perform that well.

The key thing for a delay is a fact that most companies lost too many time developing for Windows 7 tablet edition, learning months after they started working on it, that the performance won’t be that good.

Therefore they moved to Android and we still have to see Google powered OS that will solve the Tablet performance and experience problem, most likely at some point of 2011.