Nvidia is 65 percent Parallel company

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Nvidia is 65 percent Parallel company

GTC 2010: Only 30 for Visualisation

JenHsun Huang today told us astonishing news, something that caught even the knowledgeable people inside Nvidia of guard. He said that today Nvidia is 65 percent parallel company, some 30 percent visual and the rest I guess goes to mobile aka Tegra. This is not entirely correct as in its previous breakdowns Jensen reminded us many times that Tegra and ARM are Nvidia’s future.

This is how Jensen divided the importance and Nvidia’s involvement in its three pillars of Nvidia; Parralel computing, Visual computing and Mobile. This explains a lot and why Nvidia let Fermi fiasco happen as you can see that a lot of engineering and especially software talent nowadays cares more about Cuda and Parallel computing than about games.

This is a huge commitment to something that still has to make some serious money or should we say any serious money. Just to remind you Nvidia currently lives from its Visualisation (Geforce and Quadro) money and the rest of the revenue is quite insignificant to its financial performance and 65 percent commitment better score some serious results or otherwise Nvidia’s might be in big trouble.

We are sure gamers won’t be happy about it, but this is Nvidia’s long term strategy, that is what the Boss is telling us.